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Event Management Services

BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER Your objectives are many. You need to bring people together in a practical, efficient and cost-effective manner. You need to create an environment that is open, productive and wholly conducive to positive working relationships. Most of all, you need to satisfy the goals and expectations of every participant at every level. Your company's mission and ongoing success depend on it. This is the same reason so many companies have come to depend on Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc.

Offering over 60 years of combined experience, across a wide range of key disciplines, the Ovation team has the inside knowledge and operational skills you demand for event management. Whether your agenda is hospitality or corporate, Ovation can deliver the perfect, custom-designed meeting solution. On time. On budget. On target. BRINGING PEOPLE TO THEIR FEET!

Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. will conduct complimentary or free research to corporate clients as well as associations for their hotel needs/searches. We are well connected in the industry and have excellent long standing relationships with major hotel chains around the world as well as strong ties with Destination Event Management Companies and Production companies. All of this translates into savings for our clients and the best  service standards possible.

Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. has developed an online registration tool that provides real value to our clients to help streamline all of their meeting needs. This patented tool is tailored to each individual program. This provides detailed record keeping and report event management to ensure excellent results.

Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. is your solution for handling all of the logistics for your company's corporate meetings, conferences whether local offsite or out of country. We also offer wedding planning services. Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. can handle all of the logistics and event management of your project or just aspects of it to assist your in-house staff that is already in place.

Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. have fully bilingual staff in both French and Spanish.


To further secure our position as a premier provider of unique, dynamic and cost-effective meeting solutions, wherever the meeting may be.


To ensure every meeting and event exceeds expectations, garnering enthusiastic response and recognition.

Event Management Services
“Working in the islands can be a challenge – distance, connections, customs & immigration, etc. Ovation took ownership of every aspect of the program – going so far as to tie bows on chairs for the awards evening.”
Event Management Services
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Event Management Services Event Management Services
Event Management Services
Event Management Services Event Management Services Event Management Services