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Corporate Event Planning Services: Conferences |

Ovation Meeting Solutions Inc. is proud of creating innovative and unique conference program plans that meet your company's specific needs while assisting you with as much or as little of the conference planning process that you require.

Ovation's attention to detail and flawless execution of conference programs allows our client to be able to focus on the people and the interaction during the conference and not have to worry about the other things that happen behind the scenes before and during the conference.

For your conference, Ovation can and will deliver the perfect, custom-designed meeting solution for your individualized company.

Ovation's number one goal is to collaborate with each and every company we work with and ultimately make their jobs easier by making the process seem effortless and surmounting our client's expectations time after time.

We offer programs that are highly creative with an effective level of insight and organization. These are some of the services we offer in the area of Meetings/ Conferences:

  • research
  • budgeting
  • invitations
  • conference booklets
  • registration forms- on line customized system

Speaker and Attendees Coordination:
  • travel/hotel arrangements and accomodations
  • workshop/conference description
  • AV equipment

Venue Coordination:
  • meeting and hotel rooms decor and entertainment for onsite and offsite functions
  • meals and refereshments
  • AV equipment
  • displays including tradeshow coordination

  • registrar functions
  • maintain registration database
  • confirmation notices

Conference Days:
  • on-site coordination
  • check-in desk
  • hospitality desk
  • workshop/conference participant list

Participant's Package:
  • name tags
  • conference/ workshop folders
  • handouts and materials

Custom and Speciality:
  • Training Programs
  • Road Shows
  • Staging
  • Scriptwriting
  • Product Launches
  • Theming
  • Speaker Support
  • Sourcing Guest Speakers and Entertainment
  • Decor and Entertainment
  • Power point presentation support
  • Event photography
  • Website development
  • Video Production
  • Association conferences
Event Management Services
“The Ovation team was brought in to organize our meeting with less than 2 months of planning time! Once again, they carried it off in style. The Ovation team has been there for us, again and again.”
Event Management Services
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Event Management Services
Event Management Services Event Management Services Event Management Services