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"As a member of the design team, during the planning process of our meeting for our National Sales Meeting in Tuscany, we were faced with several unique and unusual challenges. Ovation came through, delivering outstanding content in Florence and Radda, working both in front and behind the scenes to keep our meeting productively on track."

"I've worked extensively on numerous meetings with Ovation over the last 2 years. Working with them is a pleasure. They are conscientious, energetic, future-thinking and detail-oriented. I consider them an integral and high-performing part of our team."

"Working with the Ovation team allows our company to focus on growing our business and surpassing customer expectations. Ovation takes all of the worry out of meeting planning because they're consummate professionals that anticipate our needs and bring a solution-oriented approach to every assignment."

"Working in the islands can be a challenge - distance, connections, customs & immigration, etc. Ovation took ownership of every aspect of the program - going so far as to tie bows on chairs for the awards evening."

"We value our relationship with Ovation based on the quality of the meetings they run and the consummate professionalism of their team. Their attention to detail is extraordinary, even under the most stressful of circumstances."


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“The service provided by Ovation is definitely one of the contributors to the image of professionalism we portray to our customers. Every event or Advisory Board that Ovation has organized for us has been successful…”
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Event Management Services
Event Management Services Event Management Services Event Management Services